Does Food Nutrition Diet Therapy Work? - Raw Food or Processed Foods Or Both?

Food nutrition diet therapy is a revolutionary approach to losing weight and suggests that eating raw and real food is the best approach to losing weight and for healthy living. More often than not if you are overweight, it may also be due to eating the wrong balance of foods rather than too much food.

Nutrition therapy believes that people should eat real food and eliminate processed foods as well, but items such as milk and cereals are processed aren't they? But are all processed foods bad – read on for more information.

Does Food Nutrition Diet Therapy Work? - Raw Or Processed Food?

Control Cravings

If you’re losing the battle of the bulge and are constantly calorie counting but you are finding the cravings for sugary foods intolerable then it might be time to look at the types of food you are eating and look at the reasons behind the food nutrition diet therapy approach.

Sugar cravings can often be overcome by balancing blood sugar levels. When a person’s blood sugar level drops, this leads to food cravings. Sugar cravings are often caused by people eating the wrong types of foods – usually processed foods or sugary carbohydrates.

Stop Cravings Using Diet Therapies

Using a balanced diet or food nutrition diet therapy approaches which examine real food, a top tip is to balance meals and ensure a mix of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats/oils to help control sugar cravings.

Proteins and healthy fats will leave a person feeling full a lot longer (so even if you’re on a diet you won’t want to eat as much). Also, while you still can eat complex carbohydrates, the sugar spike can be slowed if protein is being eaten at the same time because this slow down digestion.

Processed Foods

Often dietary information blames processed foods for weight gain and suggests people shouldn't eat or should limit processed foods. Diet plans and food nutrition diet therapy approaches insist that the best method to losing weight is to look at real food. But the definition of processed food is when there is a deliberate change in food before it’s available for consumption.

Now, processing techniques include freezing and drying and these techniques often make food cheaper and easier to prepare than fresh foods. Healthy processed foods include: oatmeal, canned salmon or tuna, frozen berries and 100% whole grain bread – these are all preserved to retain healthy nutrients and are often easy to include in a regular balanced diet.

The processed foods to avoid are those which are high in saturated fats and contain high salt (sodium). Also, processed sugary breakfast cereals, processed meats (e.g. chicken loaf), packaged cakes and cookies, breads and pastas made from refined flour rather than whole-grain flour and chips and candies – are not good alternatives for any weight loss diet.

Does Food Nutrition Diet Therapy Work? - Can't Control The Cravings?

Processed Foods versus Raw Foods

It’s hard to argue against food nutrition diet therapy approaches where fresh food is considered best – it often tastes nicer as well. Also, if you’re losing weight, eating fresh foods is an easy approach to stick to if you’re sick of counting calories or points.

This theory believes that food in their natural form will be the most nutritious and probably better for your waist line if it comes directly from a plant, tree or bush. Also, meat or flesh which is in its natural form (i.e. it hasn't gone through a process) is also healthier.

When creating a long term diet plan for healthy living and losing weight of course fresh foods are the best, processed foods shouldn't be automatically eliminated. However, understanding what is inside the tin, packet or bottle is definitely the key to understand food and how to have a healthy balanced diet.

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