Plate Up With The Food Nutrition Chart - What Foods Should I Eat To Stay Healthy And Lose Weight?

Ready to plate up? Understand food by using a food nutrition chart as this is the foundation to weight control and the most simplistic approach with straight forward rules for healthy living. The food pyramid is based on the latest scientific advice of what people should include in any healthy diet.

The essential foods which should be seen on any plate of food come from the food pyramid which includes: carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fats and fiber However, when losing weight you should not eat the same quantity of each of these foods. Keep in mind the number of calories you should have per day and you will be on the right track to lose weight!

The Pyramid

At the bottom of the pyramid, you are indicated to eat carbohydrates. But, the pyramid suggests having large portions of natural simple carbohydrates, essentially fruit and vegetables which contain many vitamins and minerals. This bottom layer also includes a smaller portion of whole grains (examples are brown rice, oats, etc.).

The second step of the pyramid suggests that a person should have proteins which are essential for tissue growth but the pyramid suggests fish, poultry, nuts, beans and tofu. The food nutrition chart says that anything at the top of the pyramid should be limited and this includes red meat, refined carbohydrates, bad fats and sugary products (e.g. sodas). The higher the food is on the pyramid, the more effort it takes to burn off.

A Healthy Plate

Using the food nutrition chart as a guide, remember the number of calories you are allowed to consume each day to either maintain your body weight or to promote weight loss. Fill half your plate with colorful vegetables (try and avoid potatoes if you are trying to lose weight). A quarter of your plate should be kept for whole grain foods and the remainder should be made up of proteins such as fish, poultry, beans and nuts. Try not to have any more than 1-2 servings of diary and limit fats and refined sugars.

The Food Nutrition Chart - What Foods Should I Eat And Lose Weight?

Cooking With the Pyramid

Some tips to help lose weight is to look at the food nutrition chart before filling your plate, and consider how you are going to cook the food because the techniques you choose in cooking can help you limit unnecessary calories if you are on a calorie restriction plan. The rule of eating as many vegetables you like is true enough, but that usually applies if they are raw and have no oils and sauces (that’s where the calories are).

To flavor raw vegetables try buying summer herbs such as mint, basil and chives. You will be surprised how delicious fresh vegetables can be if they are properly seasoned. Also you can eat almost double the amount of fish (without the skin). Also consider shellfish or mussels which don’t blow the budget, but they’re a healthy, delicious option. When cooking proteins, try and bake in water or put it in a slow cooker using lemon/ lime juice, or tomato as the lubricant.

The Food Nutrition Chart - What Foods Should I Eat And Lose Weight?

This will not only free your time in the kitchen and to get onto your exercise routine but it’s one of the easiest ways to cut back on unnecessary calories found in cooking oils and sauces. Understanding foods and calories can be one of the biggest hurdles when trying to lose weight. Many people love eating, so why not love food, and preparing it as well?

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