Food Nutrition Calculator And Food Labels - Lose Weight Using The Numbers

Counting calories with food nutrition calculator is a key step to losing belly fat and weight loss. However, you've probably been, in the supermarket aisle with your head down feeling confused by the food label. More often than not, you want to read the food label quickly, and don’t want to run into a friend or colleague.

The Calorie Equation

Understanding the principles of mathematics is the key to losing weight or sustaining weight loss. The most simplistic food nutrition calculator is to look at the calorie equation when trying to lose weight. Firstly, examine the number of calories burnt or used up from your daily activities. Secondly, compare this to the number of calories you consume. If you’re losing weight, you should burn more than you consume. It’s that simple.

The Secret to Success – Is the Food

Many people say the secret to losing weight is to watch food. Why? If you've ever tried to assess how many calories you burn in a day you might be astounded to realize how intensely you need to exercise to lose calories. Exercise is absolutely vital to losing weight and provides overall health benefits – however, it is often difficult to lose weight with exercise alone.

It is debatable easier to control the calories (look at what you enter into a food nutrition calculator) you consume than to burn them off. Considering, if you have a blow out day you might not physically be able to burn off the excess calories with exercise unless you run a marathon. Never fear, one of the easiest ways to control calories which go into your mouth is to understand the value of each calorie you eat or drink.

Nutrition Label Uncovered

To lose weight, be careful to watch your food nutrition calculator and count the calories going into your mouth (through food and drink). Most food labels have the following items you need to be aware of:

  • serving size
  • calories
  • nutrient information

For the calorie equation and weight loss the first two points (serving size and calories) are the most significant. A top tip when considering what’s on the food label: try to be as realistic as possible about your habits if you want to lose weight. Consider how much of the liter bottle of soda you usually drink in one sitting or multiple sittings. Although the label mentions that for each 200 ml (one serving size) the soda has only 84 calories – are you likely to stop at only one serving size?

Often the hardest thing about losing weight is that you feel like you've deprived yourself. Is it possible to buy a smaller bottle of soda and reduce the temptation? Perhaps consider how you react to deprivation (most people end up), if you have the option of buying a smaller size, perhaps buying a 375 ml bottle of soda and drinking it over two days.

The key to weight loss is to create lifelong habits: 1) understand portion size, 2) calories you can have to lose weight, and 3) change your habits slowly over a period of time so you don’t feel deprived. Incorporating easy steps, like reading labels can make this life long journey easier! Good luck!

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