Food and Nutrition Article –
Did You Really Read The Menu?

This food and nutrition article shows how cooking at home is often healthier than eating out; with tips about the nutritional content of various food products.

For people trying to lose weight, you don’t need to eat bland, boring food. Many people love food, the biggest reason is because of the taste. Committing to a long term diet plan, you don’t have to eat tasteless food and feel deprived – really understand food.

Select Your Recipes Based on Calorie Content

Remember the key to losing weight is all about the amount of calories we burn when compared to what we eat. When looking at recipes try and establish the calorie content as close as you possibly can.

But, calorie counting often uses quite a bit of estimation, that’s okay, it is educational and you become more aware of what you’re putting in your mouth.

For more information on calorie counting and the calorie equation please refer to another food and nutrition article Behind the Box: The Truth about Food Labels.

Shopping For Food

The top tip when cooking at home and trying to lose weight is to understand the food you are buying and the calorie and fat content it might contain. What goes through the lips goes straight onto the hips.

As that is the case, take the time in the supermarket to look at food labels and choose products with care. Very often two products may be packaged similarly but it is until you turn them over and examine them, only then will you will notice one is much healthier.

When reading a food labels the most important information to decipher are:

  • How many portion sizes are included in the product you are buying?
  • How many calories does the whole container / tin / packet contain?
  • How much of the container / tin / packet can I put in my recipe?

For more information please read the food and nutrition article concerning food labels: The Truth About Nutrition Fact Labels.

What To Do If You Can’t Cook At Home All The Time?

Depending on your lifestyle, it may not be possible for you to cook at home. Part of life is also about eating out and going to restaurants. It’s important to understand the calorie content in some of the regular foods we see on menus.

But, try to restrict the calories in your regular cooking so you can eat out. For more information about fast food calorie contents please see the food and nutrition article Get Sushi Rolls Of Your Waistline and Ordering or Cooking a Healthy Pizza.

For many, eating is one of the most enjoyable past times. However, if you cook at home you have more chance to make food flavorsome and fit within a calorie controlled diet – where you can lose weight.


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