Is Fasting to Lose Weight A Good Idea?

Fasting to lose weight is one of a simply stunning number of weight loss options available to dieters. This idea may be tempting, as it promises to help dieters lose weight and do so quickly. However, fasting should be avoided in general.

Is Fasting to Lose Weight A Good Idea? Fasting doesn’t give your body the nutrition that it needs. But that is only the beginning of the problem with this weight loss strategy.

When you fast, your body responds by thinking that there is a “food emergency.” As a result, it goes into an “emergency mode”. Your body becomes worried that it is in the middle of a famine.

Most of us in the industrialized world take for granted that throughout the vast majority of human history, periodic famines were commonplace. As a result, we have adapted survival mechanisms. One of those mechanisms is to hold onto fat when it looks like time will be lean.

Fasting Only Seems To Be A Fix

You may know that you are dieting or fasting, but millions of years of evolution are telling your body that you are in the middle of a famine! Fasting to lose weight can thus aid with weight loss in the short term, but fail miserably in the long term. You will regain the weight that is lost on a fast.

In short, fasting will not promote long term weight loss or health. Instead, this decision will only cause you mental distress, as you likely will regain the weight once the fast has ended.

Fasting Can Be Dangerous

The human body doesn’t want to eat just one or two foods. Human beings are complex entities and, as a result, they require a variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other compounds to function correctly.

You are not meant to live off of one food source. Even over a short period of time, a “grapefruit only” diet or juice fast can be harmful.

There are options, for example the Diet Solution Program, that provide a much safer alternative.

This Is a Mental Game

Fasting to lose weight comes with a substantial mental risk as well. After all, fasting is mentally and physically difficult to do.

Just as it would be difficult to jump from a sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon in a single day, the same can be stated for shifting from 2,500 or 3,000 calories a day down to a few hundred. Fasting is impractical and will not help you achieve your long-term weight loss goal. Instead opt for healthy weight loss plans designed to get permanent results.

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