How to Select Exercise Equipment for Abs

So you want stronger abs and you've probably wondered if exercise equipment for abs is the answer. The fact is that there are many different types of ab exercising equipment on the market. While some work better than others, most are no more effective than the basic or modified crunch.

It is important to realize that getting your abs in better shape doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't necessarily need impressive machines to get the job done. Basic abdominal exercises, like the crunch, can give you a very strong midsection. Keep in mind that militaries around the world, as well as professional and Olympic athletes depend heavily on crunches for keeping their respective cores strong.

Yet, there are also some options for machines that can come in very handy for training abs. Let's take a look at some of the best choices.

Exercise equipment for abs - Roman chair

The Roman Chair Option

The Roman chair is felt by many to be a torture device (and if overused this view isn't too difficult to understand). As far as exercise equipment for abs goes, this option is quite demanding!

Those looking to gain powerful abs have long used the Roman chair. However, please note that the Roman chair isn't for the "weekend warrior" or those who haven't worked out in years. In short, this is a serious and potentially harmful piece of equipment when put in the wrong hands.

The Roman chair sits a couple feet off the ground. Users hook their ankles under a restraining bar, sit on a backless seat and perform a crunch. If it sounds a little demanding, you are correct!

The Simplest Abdominal Training Machine

Any look at abdominal trainers would be remiss without a mention of the simplest of all abdominal trainers. Just try holding a weight plate across your chest the next time you perform crunches if you want to get an impressive workout. In terms of exercise equipment for abs, it doesn't get any easier, or cheaper.

Assisted Sit-Up and Crunch Gadgets

The exercise market is full of what can only be called "assisted sit-up and crunch gadgets." Do they work? Yes and no.

Some of these gadgets work and others are less than stellar. However, the real question is do you need them? Many of these exercise gadgets are designed in such a fashion that they put excess stress on the neck, and no one wants that ever.

Neck injuries don't heal easily. After all, have you ever tried to rest your neck? It isn't an easy proposition.

Remember that crunches are not supposed to be easy. If exercise equipment for abs ends up making your abdominal workout easy, then you've defeated the purpose of the exercise. Stick with the basic crunch, or perhaps the raised leg crunch and side bends, and you will be just fine.

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