Egg Nutrition Research – What The "Eggsperts" Say?

Over the years there have been negative egg nutrition reports. They were considered villainous, foods which promote heart disease. In fact, eggs were shunned from the diet because they’re unwholesome.

People focused on only eating egg whites and the population looked for egg substitutes. However, that ‘bad egg’ phase is over and twenty five years of research turned this ‘bad egg’ publicity on its head – giving eggs the thumbs up again.

Egg Confusion

Egg Nutrition Research – What The Eggsperts Say?

It’s true, when examining egg nutrition one large egg has a high cholesterol content of 213 mg. The American Heart Association (AHA) still recommends that adults should have no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. This means that an adult who eats one egg almost has their entire cholesterol daily allowance, the worry being that eggs increased a person’s risk of heart disease.

Egg Nutrition Research – What The Eggsperts Say?

However, over twenty five years of health research has shown that foods with high cholesterol are not the culprit for high blood cholesterol. Rather, foods with high saturated fat are those responsible for the body producing cholesterol. The offending foods which promote heart disease are not eggs but are actually full-fat dairy products and fatty meats!

Nutritional Facts About Eggs

This extensive egg nutrition research lets us eat eggs again! Each egg has about 90 calories and 7 grams of high quality protein. Eggs are so high in protein that they are a standard which other foods are measured. The egg yolk (the yellow part of the egg) contains the fat where each egg has 5 grams of fat but only a portion of this is saturated fat (1.6 grams).

Egg Nutrition Research – What The Eggsperts Say?

Eggs also are packed with vitamins and minerals and include vitamins A, E and K. They also have B12 (energy) as well as riboflavin and folic acid. For people trying to lose belly fat and are starting exercise regimes (for example doing a few sit-ups or push-ups) and building muscle or using long forgotten muscles - eggs are perfect for muscle recovery because they contain amino acids with minerals like iron, calcium and zinc.

Eggs On Your Plate

There is an increasing popularity of egg diets where celebrities such Adrian Brody from the movie The Pianist and Charles Saatchi (Nigella Lawson’s husband) have lost phenomenal amounts of weight by incorporating eggs into their diets. Although, we all know that diets don’t work as a long-term solution. But, we should take on board this piece of useful egg nutrition information.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and are one of the easiest foods you can cook without adding too much fat and have been incorporated into people’s diets – where people have lost weight! You can learn from those people who have lost their weight, and incorporate them into your long-term eating plan too! Eggs are quick and very easy to incorporate into a regular routine.

They can be scrambled, micro-waved, boiled, fried, baked, steamed and poached. There’s no excuse to say you don’t have time to eat an egg per day because most people who eat eggs for breakfast swear that they only take two minutes when they’re cooked in the microwave! Since everyone has two-minutes in the morning – they are a viable option.

Egg Nutrition Research – What The Eggsperts Say?

The best thing about eating an egg for breakfast if you’re trying to lose belly fat is because they’re a great source of protein, they help you feel more full for longer in the morning so you won’t be as ravenous until the next morning. You can lose weight with eggs! Good luck!

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