The Effects Of Growth Hormones On Children And Adults

The effects of growth hormones can be quite profound for those who take them. It should be stated immediately that this is why only those who are under the direct care of a physician should only take growth hormones. Further, these individuals should have been carefully examined and given a prescription to take these hormones.

Growth hormones can have surprising and dramatic impacts on the human body. For this reason, they must be used with caution, care and wisdom. Again, consult your physician regarding the use of growth hormones and consider receiving a second opinion as well.

The Effects Of Growth Hormones On Children And Adults

The Successful Use Of Growth Hormones In Children

A large percentage of people using growth hormones are children who are not growing in accordance to established standards for height. For these children, growth hormones can have an impact on long-term height.

Usually once growth hormone treatment starts, the results for children can manifest rather quickly, often within months. However, there are many issues. Further, the long term effects of growth hormones are still up for debate.

One problematic issue is that hormone injections must be taken every day. Secondly, hormone injections can be very expensive. It is not uncommon for such injections to costs tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Growth Hormones In Adults Who Are Deficient

Some adults are lacking in growth hormones and can benefit greatly from taking growth hormones in a number of clear ways. For example, they can gain greater muscle mass. However, the long term consequences of taking growth hormones, at any age, are as of yet still undetermined.

Making The Choice Whether Or Not To Opt For Growth Hormones

Deciding whether or not you should opt for growth hormones for you or your child is a difficult decision. Yet, in some cases, medical professionals may instruct you that growth hormone treatment is highly advisable. The potential consequences of using growth hormones are such that it is only prudent for you to seek a second option on the subject.

Medical science is still learning about the effects of growth hormones and their impact on human health. However, countless people have benefited from the use of these hormones or growth hormones releasers (GHR). Many experts feel that when used both under medical supervision and for the right reasons, growth hormones can be highly beneficial for certain patients.

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