Should You Detox to Lose Weight? The Pros and Cons

Should You Detox to Lose Weight? The Pros and Cons

Whether you should detox to lose weight is controversial and the topic of whether or not detox diets are good for you is a complex issue. The bottom line is that detox diets are usually fad diets and, as a result, they are usually not a healthy approach to weight loss and nutrition.

In this article, we will endeavor to clear up the difference and determine whether or not "detox diets" are worth your time.

Detox diets generally have dieters put their bodies under stress, as they greatly restrict the foods that they eat.

An example of this would be only eating grapefruits or a diet that focuses on consuming a great deal of lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Such diets cheat your body out of essential vitamins, proteins and healthy fats.

Detox Diets Have Serious Problems

It is possible to lose belly fat briefly on a detox diet, but sustained weight loss typically will not result. Instead, the kind of weight loss you will experience from detox to lose weight programs will only be temporary and will be mostly in the form of water loss.

Yet, there is an even bigger problem. Once you go off this kind of "diet," your body will demand food, as it will feel as though it was starved. The end result is that you may, in fact, gain weight. If you've been on any kind of highly restrictive diet only to go off that diet and gain back lots of weight then you already have an idea of how frustrating this can be.

Detoxification Does Have its Benefits

Now these kinds of detox "diets" should not be confused with actual detoxification programs and approaches. If you have been consuming a lot of fast food, processed foods and foods that are high in chemicals, article food colorings and preservatives, then you do indeed need to detoxify your body.

Detox to lose weight doesn't work and isn't healthy; however, detox programs designed to remove impurities from the body are a different story. There are many different ways to go about detoxification, from the simple to the rather extreme. Simply avoiding harmful foods, such as fast foods, processed foods, foods high in trans fat and salt and foods containing artificial ingredients, can go a very long way towards helping you detox.

Other steps, such as limiting or reducing caffeine intake and switching to organic food choices, also stand as other straightforward steps that you can take to become healthier.

If you are looking for a smart diet solution, I can recommend this program.

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