Definition Of Morbid Obesity - Do You Really Have It?

Do you understand the definition of morbid obesity? If you’re fighting obesity, and have a sinking suspicion you may fall into the morbid obesity, then don’t despair, there are solutions.

Do you understand the definition of morbid obesity?

a few tips of what you can do to help reduce your weight, whether you fall into the morbid obesity or not.

Definition of morbid obesity: when a persons BMI is equal to 40 or above, or if a person’s BMI is over 35 and they have other medial or health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or if the person is 100 pounds over their IBW.

Reading the definition you may be bamboozled by medical terminology. Let’s work through the medical terms to uncover the true meaning of the morbid obesity and make it more understandable.

The medical terms used in the morbid obesity are:

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Ideal body weight.

Body Mass Index

This indicator examines whether an adult person like you or me is overweight. A calculation is made and you are provided with a number which is based on your height and weight. The calculation divides your weight whether it’s in kilograms by your height in meters squared. Alternatively, the calculation may multiply weight in pounds by 705 and divide by your height in inches, twice. There are many internet sites which will calculate your BMI almost immediately for you. You can calculate your BMI here.

To check whether you fit in the morbid obesity:

  • Is your BMI over 40?
  • Is your BMI over 35 and do you have other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

Ideal Body Weight (IBW)

IBW is an indicator of what an adult person’s weight should be to minimize health risks, however, it also examines several factors which are completely unique to each person. To establish the IBW considerations such as age, height, gender, muscle mass and build/frame are used in the calculations. The actuarial tables are often debated and often the best approach is to discuss this with your doctor. A quick check whether you fit into the definition is if you are 100 pounds over your ideal body weight. You can check your IBW (peoples choice, medical recommendation, metropolitan life table, and others)here.

Prevention And Solutions

First things first, make sure you consult a Doctor and a support group because tackling obesity you will need help. You will need all the support you can if you fall into the definition of morbid obesity. A combination of a healthy calorie controlled diet is absolutely essential, but it must be combined with exercise. Please browse our website for further help on how to do this.

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