Prevent Dangers Of Childhood Obesity

The dangers of childhood obesity within the nation is growing – out with one fifth of child population in the United States considered Obese. It’s a scary statistic, and if you aren’t aware then there are immediate dangers that you should be aware of as a parent.


When delving into the dangers of childhood obesity it is important to understand what exactly obesity means for a child. For adults, obesity is calculated using the Body Mass Index (BMI). But, as children’s body compositions vary when they are growing then the BMI categories and are calculated specifically on a child’s weight and sex.

Remember there are different tables used for girls and boys. Generally a clinical growth chart (CDC) is used and is calculated for children between the ages 2-19 years old. When looking at these tables, obesity is when your child sits in the 95th percentile of children of the same age and sex.

Obesity Causes Child Health Risks

There are immediate health and mental dangers of childhood obesity. By letting your child become obese you are putting your child’s immediate health at risk of having high blood pressure or high cholesterol which is a cardiovascular disease you wouldn’t anticipate a child to have until they were much older. Recent studies of obese children indicate that 70% have one cardiovascular disease and 39% of obese children had both of these dangers.

Obese children also are known to have breathing problems (for example asthma and sleep arena) which would also effects your child’s physical performance both mentally and physically. For example, they may not be able to exert themselves as much in school sports and they will not be as mental agility and learning to their full capacity during the day.

Child Obesity Leads To Life Long Health Risks – You Could Help Prevent Them

The dangers of childhood obesity lead to life long implications. Obese children will be discriminated and will likely develop social difficulties interacting with other people. This of course will lead to low self esteem which will impact them in as a child and may last throughout their adult lives.

Also, research is showing that obese children are likely to become obese as adults. Obese adults are also prone to having health conditions like heart disease and diabetes as well as many cancers.

What Can A Parent Do to Help With Childhood Obesity?

The most responsible way to prevent the childhood obesity is to attack the problem by looking at the equation of too many calories consumed versus too many calories burnt.

For children, you will have to establish the social situations they are eating if it isn’t just at home and what you provide for them. Are they eating at a child-care facility, are they being fed by school or are they being fed by a religious group or organization they might belong to? As a parent, you need to approach these groups and fight for the support for your child and all children’s health.

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