Cycling to Lose Weight - Often Overlooked, but it Works!

Cycling to Lose Weight is Often Overlooked, but it Works!

If you are trying to find a way to drop pounds, then you should consider cycling to lose weight.

Cycling comes with so many diverse benefits that you will ultimately be hard pressed to find a better weight loss option. In fact, there are only a couple of widely used exercise options for losing weight that can hold a candle to cycling.

In this article, we will look at how cycling can benefit you and improve your overall health. As you will discover, when it comes to weight loss, cycling has many pros and virtual no substantial cons.

Cycling and Weight Loss

Cycling comes with scores of benefits. At the top of the list is cycling's ability to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Cycling, of course, burns calories, and it can burn a lot of them. Simply stated, cycling to lose weight works. If you ride at a fairly average speed, you can burn over 200 calories each hour.

You Can Easily Vary Your Workout

Cycling also allows you to easily change up your workout. In order to vary your workout, all you have to do is bike down a different street or path and you have variety both in the sights as well as in the actual exercise itself.

Moreover, as you get more advanced, you can tackle more and more difficult terrain as well, such as going uphill. Biking uphill will build muscle faster and burn far more calories than biking on a straight and even path.

You Get Fresh Air and Sunlight

The importance of fresh air and sunlight is rarely given its due. Most indoor air is several times more polluted than outdoor air, and this even holds true for polluted areas. Cycling to lose weight thus can help your health in unexpected ways.

Most of us spend a good deal of time working with computers either for work or fun or even both. This means we are not getting enough vitamin D, which our bodies can manufacture from sunlight alone. Low vitamin D levels play a role in many different diseases.

Cycling is Low Impact and Builds Stronger Leg Muscles

Cycling will build stronger leg muscles, glutes and quads. Further, if you cycle frequently, you will also see strengthened ligaments and joints as well. It also benefits some of the muscles in your torso and your arms.

When done safely and in accordance with traffic rules, cycling to lose weight allows you to have a low impact workout. Further, using a stationary bike can give you many of the benefits as well including the ability to cycle year-round.

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