Evaluating The Cons Of Growth Hormones

The Cons Of Growth Hormones

The simple fact is that the cons of growth hormones are serious and should be treated as such. Hormones govern complex interactions within the human body.

This means that any time you consume hormones or allow something to disrupt your natural hormones, there could be adverse consequences.

In short, hormones are not to be treated lightly. However, this is exactly how countless people treat them and use them every year. It is important to consider that human growth hormones are very complicated and how they impact human health still isn't completely understood.

The Cons Of Growth Hormones

Being Cautious With Growth Hormones

Growth hormones do work and achieve what they advertise. They can make a person grow. Yet, this "cheating" of nature can and often does come with a price tag.

It is important to realize that growth hormones are thus powerful drugs. There has been concern in the past that growth hormones could lead to the development of diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. This issue has been viewed as one of the cons of growth hormones.

However, this assertion has not been proven to date. Just what kind of impact growth hormones can have on one's long term health is still a matter for debate.

Your doctor is not likely to suggest or prescribe growth hormones without a good reason that can be backed up by science and a logical reason for doing so.

However, if for any reason, your doctor prescribes growth hormones for you, it is vitally important that you do more than question him or her about the reasoning. You should also begin the process of researching why you are being given growth hormones in the first place.

The Cons of Growth Hormones

Growth Hormones And Children

Frequently, growth hormones are given to children who are failing to keep up with their peers in terms of height. Remember cons of growth hormones do exist and so you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons before giving these hormones to a child. This step is usually only considered for children who are in the bottom two or three percentile.

Science is still researching and coming to terms with the potential long term impact of using growth hormones. If growth hormones are suggested for your child, it is of the utmost importance that you understand why and endeavor to access the risks versus the benefits.

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