Childhood Obesity In America –
Win This Battle

An explosive statistic - one in three children suffer from childhood obesity in America. This has tripled since the 1960’s and now there is a surge of children’s health issues which weren't prevalent in children before.

They’re middle age diseases attacking the youth of today – but don’t fear – with facts you can help fight or prevent your child becoming obese.


Your Children Biggest Bully: Their Bulge

What defines this statistic of growing childhood obesity in America? Usually adults are considered obese when their BMI’s are over 35 or more. But, children’s body composition varies especially between the sexes, and therefore for child obesity, it is defined by the different sexes, heights and age.

There are CDC Growth Charts which typically help determine whether your child is obese, but the general rule is, if your child sits in the top 95 percentile for the same age and sex, then they are classified as obese and as a parent you need to do something about it before it becomes a lifelong problem. 

Implications For Obese Children

The growing incidences of childhood obesity shouldn't be taken lightly. The mental, health and social implications will impact a child for probably the rest of their life. Recent studies are finding middle aged diseases now attacking obese children.

Health risks such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, breathing issues, sleep apnea and joint problems are now found in obese children. What’s worse is that if your child suffers from obesity then they will more than likely be obese as an adult, and continued life long obesity has even more health implications.

But, the mental and psychological pain and suffering that your child will feel from being obese is sad – because obesity can usually be prevented. Obese people often are ostracized from communities and social situations which leads to depression, increased anxiety and severe low self esteem.

Help Your Child Battle Their Belly Fat

Obesity is caused by too much food and too little exercise or burning of calories. As a parent the biggest thing you can do to help childhood obesity in America it to educate your own child in nutrition and health. Also, monitoring the food that goes in your child’s mouth and the amount of exercise they do will help prevent your child from becoming obese.

Working together with the community, such as care groups, schools, and religious groups where your child interacts will have a major influence on helping keeping your child’s weight line to a normal healthy level. By helping your child learn about nutrition, your child doesn't have to fall into the scary American obesity statistics.

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