Childhood Obesity Articles - Fact Sheet

This site has many childhood obesity articles for you to browse through because as a parent you may want to prevent your child from the health issues and the heartache which will follow if your child is obese.

If you have ever fought against obesity, it is one of the hardest battles you would ever have to do. Sadly, obese children are more likely to become obese adult’s obesity sticks - often forever if no action is taken.

to be so easy are filled with health concerns about their weight. Child obesity is soaring in the world impacting at least one in five children. With portion sizes growing larger and the incidence of more processed food rather than natural foods in our diets, it is harder for adults – let alone children – to control what they eat.

Parents have to take more control over what is found inside their child’s lunchbox and get into the community to fight for their child because if they don’t they are training their child to have a lifetime of obesity and this is coupled with a myriad of health, mental and social issues.

For more reading of childhood obesity articles please refer to the following article for more information on explanations on the influencing factors concerning childhood obesity.

The Scary Statistic: Is Your Child Obese?

The Body Mass Indicator (BMI) is a widely used indicator used to guide people on whether they are categorized underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. However, it doesn't directly measure your child’s fat.

For adults, the BMI is usually calculated on a person’s height and weight. However, when measuring a child’s BMI’s please note that since they are still growing their body mass continually changes then their age and sex is relevant. For further childhood obesity articles on this topic look at: Obesity Childhood Obesity In America.

Obese Children Short-Term and Long-Term Risks

If your child is overweight or possibly obese, is it worth it? Children who are suffering from obesity are now facing risks that used to be more prevalent in middle aged people.

It is concerning to see our children suffering from high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and joint pain – all of these which could have been avoided most likely until much later in life if they were a normal healthy weight level.

Even more disturbing are the social implications for obese children, they are ostracized from their peers and when mobility becomes a social problem they recluse and have a tendency to suffer from high anxiety or depression and low self esteem.

For obese people (including children) building relationships is much more difficult whether they are friendships, work opportunities or intimate – for parents who have been lucky enough not to be obese - is the food worth it? For more reading try one of the childhood obesity articles: Obesity Childhood Obesity Facts.

Please search our site for the tips and tricks in how to prevent childhood obesity, with a support plan, a healthy diet and regular exercise – you can fight obesity together.

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