Childhood Obesity And Diabetes: Middle Aged Diseases Showing Up In Children

Do you understand the relationship between the rise of childhood obesity and diabetes? Protecting your child’s health is becoming more of an issue then ever due to America’s climbing child obesity rates.

The battle for your child to be healthy is being focused on their waistline, as recent statistics show that you have one in five chances that your child falls into the category of obese.

Coupled with child obesity is a string of middle age diseases which are growing like never before in children’s health. Type 2 diabetes didn't exist in children but now it does. But parents, please remember, you can help protect your child!

to person who has developed insulin resistance. This is where the human body is unable to carry glucose or energy to cells. This means that the glucose is left in the blood stream creating an excess of glucose to build up in the blood.

The Cause Of Diabetes

There is extensive research on the development of type 2 diabetes, but usually in middle aged people rather than in children. However, this disease is growing with childhood obesity and diabetes levels are now on the increase. A person with diabetes has difficulties regulating their blood sugar levels and the main cause of insulin resistance is thought to be fatty cells present in the body. The result of type 2 diabetes is that your liver, kidneys and muscles do not respond as they should to insulin.

Parents Tips On Prevention

The good news, type 2 diabetes is reversible! To put a stop to childhood obesity and diabetes the biggest prevention tip is to collaborate! Collaborate at home, at school and in the community and work together to educate your child about healthy eating and the importance of exercise.

Ensuring that the social environments your child frequents has healthy alternatives for food and exercise. Help find your child alternatives to eating packets of chips and encourage your adolescent to learn how to cook and educate them about the ingredients in the food they buy as takeaway foods.

Also, put a time limit of sedentary activities such as playing video games or watching television as this might indirectly encourage your child to explore other entertainments and get some exercise.

Also, help find options for your child to engage in regular physical activity, whether it is helping to encourage a weekly neighborhood cricket match, or private ballet classes – physical activities can be established for all different price brackets.

Prevention is the key to helping your child be one of those lucky Americans who is not prone to disease simply because they overweight or worse, obese.

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