Child Obesity Prevalence In United States - Learn What To Do!

Puppy fat? Or does your child fall into the child obesity prevalence in U.S. statistics where states one in three children are obese? The growing child obesity is now major concern for parents.

However, since parents are so used to seeing overweight children it’s difficult to distinguish whether their child is a healthy body weight or whether they are obese?The onus of a child’s weight must rest with the parents. Read more to find out how to help your child fight fat - in a society which is growing fatter.


Increased Portion SIZED...

                 ...Are Causing This Puppy Fat Syndrome

Portion sizes are a huge influence on the increasing child obesity prevalence. Recent studies have been carried out in play centers where the research was specifically targeted to examine the impact portion size on children in social situations.

The research proved that children – like adults who are influenced by the ever increasing portion sizes do have difficulties in regulating their appetite. Also, it was found that children being children will eat whatever is put in front of them.

So, it shouldn't be surprising to discover that when children are given greater quantities to eat – they will eat these greater quantities of food when it’s served to them on a plate. They won’t leave the food, regardless of their appetite or whether they had just eaten. This research illustrates that children do not regulate their appetite and parents must step in to control what goes in their child’s mouth.

Say “No” to High Calorie Snacks

The child obesity is no mystery when you look inside a child’s lunchbox. It’s often filled with junk food and calorific snacks. Even if children aren't hungry, they will eat snacks which are given to them. These high calorie snacks greatly influence a child’s diet, increases their daily calorie intake when healthy foods could be an easy substitute.

Balanced Diets And Planned Meals Are the Key To Healthy Children

To ensure your child gets the right energy and nutrients to grow and be active – it is important to ensure that your child receives balanced meals and snacks. With the rising child obesity prevalence in the U.S. as a parent you should ensure that you see a local doctor to outline the number of calories your child needs for their age, sex and height.

Ensuring that your child participates in regular exercise activities is also important. One of the most important factors for parents combating child obesity is to educate, and encourage the development of healthy eating habits from an early age. With support and a little care, you can help direct your child to leading a healthy habit life and not becoming obese.

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