Causes Of Obesity In America -
Is A Cultural Thing?

With 30% of the American population obese what are the causes of obesity in America? Can you avoid being included in the fat statistic? Read the following information to understand obesity and the cultural changes in society and how they have impacted what we eat and how we move.

It is not impossible to fight against obesity for reasons of health, but it will take a process of will and determination and habit creation to do so.

Causes Of Obesity In America - Is A Cultural Thing?

Causes Of Obesity

To understand the causes of obesity in America it is important to understand the calorie. People live by consuming calories, and calories are found in food and drinks that you consume. This means anything that goes through your mouth more than likely has calories attached to it.

People burn calories through physical activity, the intensity differs depending on the type of activity, but activities include a range of things for example, general walking to the bus stop, and going to the local gym. When too many calories are consumed than burned – the body puts on weight and this leads to obesity. If trying to control weight or reduce weight or obesity, a person must look at this calorie equation.

Cultural Changes To Our Food

The access of cheaper fast foods is one of the major causes of obesity in America. The increase of fast food corporations and the ease and ability of people of all ages buying food whether it’s through a restaurant or diner, drive-through or even delivered to your home is very easy.

The impact of eating out is that people aren't cooking at home anymore and don’t often understand the calorie and fat content of what goes into the food they are purchasing from a fast food company. The majority of food that we buy out is laden with calories, and it is almost impossible to work off these calories with exercise in one day.

Cultural Changes To Exercise

Technology is a wonderful thing and we all love to embrace it, but the incidence of technology is one of the major causes of obesity in America. But, you must not forget the impact of what technology has on your body. The increase usage of the car has eliminated the small journeys people used to take whether it was walking to the corner shop, or to a friend’s place.

Now instead of walking and burning calories (which is exercise people used to do without really noticing) – people instantly jump in the car to save time and energy. Technology has also offered different forms of entertainment which didn’t exist before. There is now an increase in popularity of computer consoles, computers and devices generally.

People are developing habits to stay indoors and be entertained rather than going outside and interacting with the world – whether it is to kick a football in the yard or to go on a picnic. The increase of sedentary entertainment and lifestyles is making people forget that there is a world outside and people are getting fat. Changes in what you do in your pleasure time can have a positive impact on your waistline.

Fight Obesity

If you are overweight, remember you can fight the causes of obesity in America. Making small changes to your lifestyle can work but if you are truly committed to losing weight the most responsible thing to do is to commit to a calorie controlled diet and a healthy exercise plan. Remember to always consult your doctor before starting!

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