Carbohydrates Metabolism -
The Secret Is In The Type

The carbohydrates metabolism is the process by which the human body breaks down carbohydrates to provide the body with the much needed energy to fuel the body’s functions.

However, too much carbohydrate in the diet is a health concern and it actually causes an unhealthy gain in body weight. It is therefore prudent for one to keep watch of the amount of carbohydrate intake into the body in order to live healthily. Therefore, the secret lies in the diet. What carbohydrate to take and in what quantities to take.

Types of Carbohydrates

The carbohydrate can be broadly categorized into three types; the simple carbohydrate, the complex carbohydrate and the fiber. These three types of carbohydrate affect the body differently and understanding them will help you keep watch of the excess weight and the belly weight that is causing you so much discomfort.

The fiber, for instance, is the healthiest of the three. Even if taken in large quantities it does not affect the body’s glucose level. Actually it is known to provide that full feeling. It is ideal if you want to watch your weight but cannot cut down on the quantities of food you take.

The complex carbohydrate is the next in line. This level of the carbohydrates is much slower and so does affect the body’s glucose level but not extremely. It is ideal for the body especially if you are fighting the body’s sugar levels. It is found in foods such as cereals and whole breads.

The third type is the simple glucose. This type is quickly metabolized and assimilated into the body’s cells and therefore one needs to watch the amount of it taken during each meal. When taken in large quantities it is common to have a sharp rise in the body’s sugar, an unwelcome idea as far as diabetics are concerned.

Disorders and a Good Diet

Apart from the diabetes condition, there are other disorders that are associated with carbohydrates metabolism. These include but are not limited to: fructose intolerance, Galactosemia and lactose intolerance.

Insulin is responsible for aiding the carbohydrates metabolism process in the body and if the insulin is not produced in quantities that will suffice your body then you might fall victim to diabetes type one or type two- which are the most common strains of the diabetes condition.

A good diet on your table is primarily the way forward to ensuring your body’s weight and fat levels are put in check, watch the type of glucose you are eating and the amount thereof of the glucose and enjoy a healthy body and life.

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