Optimal Calorie Intake To Lose Weight

Calorie intake to lose weight

Knowing your calorie intake to lose weight depends on a wide variety of important factors.

Your age, sex and level of physical activity all play a role in how many calories you should be consuming. Further, how tall you are has a great deal to do with how many calories you should be consuming to stay at your ideal weight.

For example, should a 6 foot 5 male athlete consume as many calories as an 89-year-old grandmother who is not very physically active? Obviously, this makes the issue of caloric intake and weight loss a bit tricky. However, don't worry, there are answers!

Factor In Your Important Variables

There is clearly a great deal of variation in how much you should consume to be healthy and lose weight. In general, if you are of average height and have an low level of physical activity, then you should expect to consume between 1600 calories a day for women and 2000 calories a day for men. This intake will put you within the proper range of the BMI, or body mass index ranking.

With that stated, however, these numbers depend on all the aforementioned variables such as age, sex and level of physical activity. In general, it is no myth if you reduce your calories intake to lose weight and eat high-quality foods, free of chemicals, preservatives and additives, you will succeed.

What Should You Do If Your Body Wants Extra Calories?

One of the single greatest challenges for anyone looking to lose weight is dealing with hunger. If your body starts screaming for extra calories to get through the day, how do you stick to your calorie intake to lose weight plan?

Increasing, the quality of your calories is the best way for you to deal with your hunger pains. You will find that if you are consuming high quality, nutrient-dense foods that you will have less and less hunger pains.

Try eating foods that are high quality that will provide your body with nutrition for hours to come. Fruits and vegetables should be your snack food of choice, as they are loaded with nutrition and will keep your energy levels nice and stable. Avoid sugary foods as they can cause spikes and subsequent drops in your energy levels!

Don't Expect Instant Changes

Many people who go on a calorie intake to lose weight diet or program often expect too much too fast. By expecting slow and consistent weight loss, you are doing both your body and your mind a major favor.

Allow your body to adapt to a new way of living and a new approach to food. If you do so, you will greatly increase your chances of long-term health success!

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