High Blood Pressure And Obesity -
The Obesity Epidemic

Are the blood pressure and obesity reasons enough to cut back calories? Heart disease, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure they are related health risks they are rearing their ugly heads and are on the rise throughout the world. Obesity has become an epidemic impacting both sexes, any age group and is associated when people consume too many calories then they burn.


As such, these excess calories which the body doesn't need effectively turns into body fat. What has caused this obesity epidemic that is killing people and why aren't people fighting it with a vengeance? What can you do to lose weight?

But I Look Like Everyone Else…Am I “Scientifically Fat”

You look around the room and you probably don’t realize it but one in three people are considered obese or overweight. This causes difficulties to visually identify people and make the distinction between healthy weight, overweight or obese because now since people are looking the same, we as a population only know what we see and have a skewed perception of what overweight or obese is.

Also, if you don’t know what’s considered “scientifically fat” or obese then you’re probably not aware how to fight health issues like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure and obesity. It is a fact; the western culture is rapidly growing out.

Why Are We As The World Suddenly Growing Fatter?

There has been much research on what is causing the obesity epidemic and typical causes of obesity are (but not limited to): lack of education, environmental and cultural changes, the increase of processed foods, sedentary workplaces and entertainment, introduction of calorific food cultures in schools, restaurants and the home and less home cooking. As there are so many factors which cause obesity there has been much research on the associated health risks and the incidence with people and heart disease or and high blood pressure and obesity is now shockingly high.

How Do I Find Out If I’m Obese – Can I Fight it?

If you are tightening your belt buckle or fear you could be overweight it is probably a good idea to understand that obesity is generally defined when a person’s body mass index (BMI) is greater than 35. The BMI is calculated using a ratio between height and weight and this is a measure which lets you become aware of whether you’re creeping up or already considered obese on the fat scale. Calculate your BMI here.

Treatment for obesity should initially be treated by encouraging weight loss through lifestyle modifications. Following this, medications and possibly surgery can help.

But, if you are already overweight or obese ensure you see your doctor to get regular health checks as the incidents of disease such as high cholesterol and blood pressure and obesity are increasing. Your doctor will need to ensure that any weight loss program you enroll in is closely monitored to help fight your battle against weight in a healthy manner.

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