How to Achieve Lasting Results with the Best Abdominal Workout

How to Achieve Lasting Results with the Best Abdominal Workout

Finding the best abdominal workout can have substantial health benefits. A strong core is essential for the proper use of your body and can translate into greatly boosted athletic performance.

Working out your abs and keeping them strong is a smart fitness goal and one that is worth pursuing. Yet, there are some issues that you need to be aware of and address accordingly.

Not All Abdominal Exercises are Safe

In this article, we will look at some great exercises for abs, but first we must look at safety. When it comes to working out in any form, it is vital that one puts safety first and this, of course, applies to finding the best abdominal workout. As with all exercising, the only prudent move is to start out slowly and then build up momentum from an ever-strengthening base.

Many abdominal exercises are not safe and can be particularly dangerous if you have not worked up the muscle strength to perform them well in advance. Crunches, for example, should involve short movements. You should never have your hands behind your head, as this serves to strain your neck.

Keep in mind that crunches are better than sit-ups, as full sit-ups can strain your lower back.

There Are Many Abdominal Exercises, But You Should Begin with Crunches

The safest place to begin the best abdominal workout is with the simple and reliable crunch. There are many other fancier ways of working out your abs but crunches get the job done and they do so in a safe manner. The best ab workout possible is the one that ultimately leaves you free of injury.

Step Two-The Vertical Leg Crunch

Once you have progressed with crunches and feel that you need a little more challenge, you can consider adding the vertical leg crunch. This exercise puts your legs in the air, knees bent towards your torso slightly with the legs crossed at the ankle.

Your fingertips can be touching the side of your head, but not linked behind your head. The range of motion is different and hits the muscles in a slightly different fashion. However, one does need to be careful about potential back strain issues.

Spot Reduction Doesn't Work

Any discussion of finding the best abdominal workout would be completely incomplete without also acknowledging that spot reduction, where you remove fat from one area of y our body only, does not work. Spot reduction is a popular gimmick and takes many forms.

However, it simply doesn't work. In order to get the abs that you've always wanted, you will need to lose any abdominal fat you may have and put in the time working out your abs as well.

Watch Out for Pain

If at any point you feel discomfort it is crucial to stop. Even the most effective ab workout could potential cause pain, especially in your lower back. In general, you should take it slow. This is even more imperative if you have a history of back or neck pain.

A program that successfully combines workouts with nutrition advice and motivational tips is Truth about Abs. As always, consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.

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