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My name is Dennis and I own Goodbye Belly Fat.

When I was on my early twenties I was a very independent and responsible guy but I was not taking care of my health, thinking I’m young with a lot health and energy. When 23 years old my health got jeopardized for being overweight, mainly for eating a very unhealthy diet.

I used to eat so much regardless of time of the day. When I went with friends back then on Friday night around 2:00am in the morning I would eat a big hamburger double meat double cheese, double everything with a medium soda and big fries and I’ll close the night for me before I go to sleep.

Soon enough pain started showing up on my back during my sleep, and even at work. Without knowing what was going on in my body I ended up in the doctor’s office.

To my surprise my blood sugar level appeared to be out of control. The doctor from internal medicine did several labs on me including x-rays. At that young age I was scared about the outcome of my health. The Doctor’s word was, this is common in young people like you, but what really made a difference at that point for me was the advice from friends and family.

At the beginning I struggled mentally and physically to stop eating the way as I had been eating the previous two years or so. Then my desire to be healthy again without pain in my body was my biggest source of passion.

Then I decided to get savvier on how our machine that we call body works. Just like a real engine, maintenance and the right ingredients need to be present in order to achieve great performance.

I learned to eat what I need, not what I want. I understood the benefits of eating right and exercise regularly, resulting in better health and shape. This alone was a great tool to keep me going. I believe to take one day at a time when it comes to change our habits.

With Goodbye Belly Fat I want to share my experience and provide you with information that works and leads to real and permanent weight loss.

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