An Exploration of Belly Fat Causes

An Exploration of Belly Fat Causes

In general, belly fat causes boil down to excess weight gain due to the fact that too many calories were consumed and not burned off via exercise. In other words, there is nothing magical about belly fat though there are some exceptions, such as hormonal and medical issues.

Genetically men tend to accumulate most of their extra fat in the stomach area. Women, on the other hand, tend to gain fat in both their hips and stomachs. It is thus vital for both men and women to realize that weight gain can and does collect in the form of belly fat.

A Sedentary Lifestyle and Belly Fat

Even just a generation ago, overweight and obese individuals were something of a rare sight. This factor is due to a variety of reasons, but at the top of the list is society’s move towards a sedentary lifestyle. The transition from farm life to city life has played a large role in the obesity epidemic, and one of its primary visual manifestations, namely, belly fat. When one is pondering belly fat causes, a lack of physical activity is a major factor.

When most people were living on farms and engaged in physical labor, weight gain was not much of an issue. High fat food items, such as bacon for example, were not a major dietary disaster, as the fat and calories were burned off. However, as people transitioned off the farm and to less strenuous jobs weight gain soon followed.

How to Address The Problem

Belly fat causes are both simultaneously simple and complex. But please whatever you do keep it simple to you and try to make the process enjoyable not a punishment. On one level, the problem of weight gain is a simple one to solve. It is easy to state, “Eat low calorie foods and work out.”

Yet, in reality we all know it’s not that simple. Our ancestors didn’t need to “find time to work out,” as most of them were working out all day long at their strenuous jobs. Moreover, the fast food and processed food industry aren’t making things easier either.

If possible, try to find forms of exercise that you will find invigorating and fun. For example, if you hate working out at the gym, don’t force yourself to go. Instead look for other types of physical activities you might enjoy, such as hiking or dancing.

The most important step is to take action by getting good, trustworthy advice about diet and exercise plans that will work. It is crucial to find a diet and exercise plan that you feel that you can stick to and that works with your lifestyle.

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