Reasons For African American Obesity And How To Change Your Fate

We will have a closer look to African American obesity. Why you have a higher obesity risk and what you can do to avoid becoming obese?

The odds of being obese are larger for you but just because your skin is a lovely chocolaty hue, doesn't mean that you need to suffer from obesity.

African American Obesity Odds

Compared to other groups in America, African American women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese. With 4 out of 5 African American women being overweight or obese, the question is why. Why do dark skinned beauties have a higher chance of becoming obese?

Some African American cultures have a viewpoint about body image which may promote being overweight. Studies show that African cultures show a strong tendency to accept and prefer bigger body sizes. Black men may also find a fuller figure more attractive than a leaner figure.

You can still be curvy and have a healthy weight. You may like the fuller figure look, but being obese places your health at risk. There’s no point in having an attractive, full figure, but not being able to live a healthy life.

Are You Less Active?

A new study found that African American Women exercise much less than the rest of the world’s women. You may feel that exercise is unfeminine or you don’t like it because it ruins your hair.

Exercising often is one of the best ways to avoid becoming obese and it doesn’t make you unfeminine. Try to work in a daily walk to decrease your odds of becoming obese and to boost your health.

Do You Love Soul Food and Fast Food?

If you’ve grown up with your momma’s soul food, then you’d know how difficult it was to keep the weight off. You may even have a few recipes of soul food passed on from generation to generation, which you may find difficult to give up.

In order to maintain a healthy weight, you need to maintain a calorie balance. Soul food and fast food are most of the times high in calories and fat. So if you eat only eat these types of food, your body might grow bigger and bigger. The solution? Learn how to cook healthier meals and maybe substitute unhealthy ingredients/cooking methods in your soul food recipes for healthier ones.

As you’ve seen African American obesity need not knock on your doorstep. With the help of these tips I shared here, you can change your fate. Remember you can still be healthy, curvy and beautiful (no need to be overweight or obese).

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