Can an Abdominal Fitness Machine Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Can an Abdominal Fitness Machine Get Rid of Belly Fat?

The fitness industry makes a killing every year off of abdominal fitness machine products. Yet, there is a simple fact regarding these machines that they don't exactly advertise.

Now you might be thinking that the next sentence is going to tell you that these products don't work. However, this is not the situation. Some of these products do work to increase the strength of your core muscles. Yet, there is something that no abdominal machine products can achieve and that is to help you get rid of belly fat.

In order to lose fat from one's midsection, it is necessary to burn off calories through losing weight and dieting or at the very least consistently reducing calories over an extended period of time. It may be depressing news to hear that no abdominal fitness machine can help you lose belly fat, but it’s just a simple fact that "spot reduction" does not work in this manner.

What Can a Fitness Machine Help You to Achieve?

When you lose weight and fat, it doesn't just disappear from one part of your body. Spot reduction, such as losing fat only in your midsection, is impossible due to this fact. Exercising your core muscles with a machine will give you stronger stomach muscles, but you will not become thinner as a direct result of using an abdominal fitness machine.

In order to get the stomach that you dream of, you must lose weight and workout your stomach muscles. Sure you can burn some calories through exercising your core muscles, but not enough to get the results you want. The truth is that you can use an abdominal fitness machine religiously every day for hours, and if you are not taking the proper steps to lose weight, you will never have a flatter stomach or a "six-pack."

Now if a machine is designed to work you out hard enough that you lose weight, it’s really more of a cardiovascular fitness machine. Is this confusing? You bet! But these are also the facts.

The Truth about Dropping Belly Fat

There are lots of machines and products out there that claim that through core muscle training you will lose weight; ignore them. Unless these products get you moving and moving a great deal, they are not burning off any appreciable level of calories.

Ask yourself this question, "Do I really believe I can drop all the pounds I need to lose by just doing a modified version of a crunch or sit-up?" You likely already know the answer to this question!

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